Are store-bought plumbing products dangerous for the household?

September 25th, 2023

When considering store-bought plumbing unblockers, you must wonder about the risks they pose to your health, the environment and even your plumbing systems directly. While these potent chemicals might seem like a quick and easy, low-cost solution, their long-term consequences can be far more serious than the initial blockage. In this article, we’ll explain the three main points to consider and the importance of calling in a professional plumbing team.

  1. Human health

Unblocking products contain corrosive chemical compounds that can cause damage to human health. Risks include:

Skin and eye burns: Unblocking products can cause chemical burns if the product comes into contact with the skin or eyes. These burns may require emergency medical attention and leave permanent damage.

Respiratory irritation: The vapors emitted by these products can irritate the respiratory tract. Leading to breathing difficulties, coughing, and headaches for you and your family.

Toxicity by inhalation or ingestion: Inhalation of vapors released by these products may cause lung irritation, while accidental ingestion may result in poisoning requiring immediate medical attention.

  1. The environment

Generally speaking, the use of these unblocking chemicals has a negative impact on the environment. Once these products have been rinsed and removed from your pipes, they can contaminate wastewater and reach natural water systems. For example, they can contaminate municipal sewage systems and, eventually, rivers and lakes. This can have an impact on aquatic life, disrupting ecosystems and causing damaging effects over time.

  1. The plumbing system

Excessive or inappropriate use of chemical drain openers can also damage the plumbing systems inside your home. These aggressive chemicals can corrode metal pipes, which in turn will weaken your plumbing system and make it susceptible to leaks or breaks. This also applies to the rubber or plastic seals in plumbing systems. If a seal breaks, it can lead to potentially dangerous leaks or gas escapes.

While store-bought pipe unblocking products may seem like the ideal solution to your obstructions, they do carry dangers. It becomes clear that safer options, such as natural methods or professional intervention by a plumbing team, are wiser choices. By making informed decisions about the use of these products, you’ll not only be protecting your household, but the environment as well. If you have any questions or doubts, contact the Plomberie Lalonde team today!


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