What damage can cooking oil do when it’s poured down the drain?

August 27th, 2021

Let’s face it, some things are better fried. Oil is indeed very handy when it comes to cooking lots of delicious meals, but how do you get rid of it? Cooking oil seems harmless and it can be very tempting to pour it down the sink after a big fry. Is it really dangerous to pour it down the toilet or sink? What damage can it do? What damage can it do? The following blog post will demystify the issue and inform you on the best way to dispose of used cooking oil.

Oil and Piping

Disposing of your cooking oil down the drain in your home is, indeed, a bad idea. It is a practice that should be avoided at the risk of getting into trouble. It could greatly harm their proper functioning. Over time, oil accumulates, sticks to the walls of the pipes and can lead to a hefty repair bill in addition to additional maintenance. It’s the same thing if you have a septic tank. Oil will affect its proper functioning.

Oil is liquid, but under the effect of the heat however, when it cools, many oils solidify. As it solidifies, it will adhere to the walls of the pipes and may cause blockages. For example, if the oil congeals, it could obstruct the flow of liquid and cause clogs.


Disposing of used cooking oil down the drain is not only a problem for your pipes. Throwing your cooking oil down the drain is not good for the environment. The cooking oil will end up in the sewage system and this requires additional treatment in municipal sewage treatment plants. Composting used oil is not recommended either, except in very small quantities, for example, if a piece of paper or cardboard is soaked in it.

How to dispose of it

Your cooking oil can be brought to the Ecocentre of your municipality in a closed container. They will then be decanted and sent to a specialized collector. They will then be tested, filtered, heated and decanted to make biodiesel. In this way, you will avoid clogs in your pipes and your oil will be completely recovered. It can be used as fuel for certain vehicles such as trucks or public transport for example.

Don’t hesitate to call your plumber if you need advice about your pipes or if you suspect that cooking oil residues are hindering the proper functioning of your pipes. They will always be happy to give you the best advice on how to use your plumbing to its fullest potential. They will also be able to teach you the right things to do to avoid any potential problems. You will be able to cook for your family and friends in complete serenity while protecting the environment.



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