What is a sump pump for? Do I need one?

December 17th, 2021

Living in a place where you are likely to be flooded when it rains is a very stressful situation. The same is true if you live in a place that is close to a river that is likely to overflow. It is obvious that this is not only scary, but can also be dangerous by causing excessive humidity in your home or even a short circuit. These are just a few of the reasons why a sump pump may be useful in your home. The following blog post will attempt to list the benefits of using a sump pump and why you may need one.

How does a sump pump work?

A sump pump is a small pump that is usually installed in a crawl space or basement. Its purpose is to dry out the entire area underneath the house. This type of device eliminates the moisture and water that could run off inside if there are cracks in your foundation. They are installed in a pit in order to siphon off any water that may accumulate. Once siphoned, the water is sent outside through a pipe. Usually, a valve between the pipe and the pump blocks the water from re-entering the house. To detect water, the sump pump is equipped with a float that triggers the device when the water level exceeds a preset height. This height is defined by a professional in the installation of this type of device depending on the depth of the pit and the requirements of your home.

The different types of sump pumps

There are essentially two models: pedestal and submersible. Submersible pumps are built to be easily installed under the water line. Its motor is sealed in the main unit which keeps it safe from water or any other debris. It is a very efficient and quiet unit. In the case of pedestal pumps, they work well in homes with small sumps or pits. The motor is outside. In both cases, the pumps run on electricity, which is problematic in the event of a power outage. This is a common situation during a flood. Look for a model with its own battery. This system takes over if the main system fails or if there is no power.

If you think that you are in a flood zone or that your house could suffer in case of heavy rain, do not hesitate to contact a professional who will be able to advise you on the best model for you by taking into account the characteristics of your house. He will also be able to proceed with the installation of the sump pump since it is work that requires the expertise of a professional in the field. All of this is to allow you to relax even in case of bad weather.